“I Thirst” A meditation on a last word of Christ

This is a meditation I wrote on the Fifth last word of Christ.  

Please understand that this was written the way I wanted it read, so keep that in mind as you read it.


“I thirst”…  This isn’t your average “Gosh I’m parched” kind of thirst…  Think about the last time you were REALLY THIRSTY…  Now imagine how thirsty you would be after enduring the beating handed out by Pilate’s men, then carrying a 130 pound beam almost a mile to the very spot you would die.  It’s safe to say that we would all be indescribably thirsty.

But these words must have been about much more than a simple drink of water. 

          “I thirst”…  This is the flesh crying out…  The utterly human part of Jesus begging for mercy.  Jesus surely needed water, but he also needed relief from the excruciating pain, the exhaustion that few if any of us can even begin to comprehend, and the relentless mockery from all sides.

          Jesus had just hit rock bottom. 

          We must remember that Jesus was human.  He felt joy, hunger, sadness…  and pain, just like all of us.  That is what makes this journey so significant…  Jesus was a no less of a human being than any of us, and yet he endured so much… 

          What conflict must have raged inside him…  He must have asked “Why me?” and “isn’t there another way?”  That is after all the natural human response…  But it’s the other part of him that prevailed.  The part of him that was DIVINE.  The part of him that knew what must be done.

          The Thirst that a simple drink of water could not touch, was quenched only by the grace of God…  with Love and Faith.

          And so he thirsted…

          And so he endured…

By chuckinreallife